Lewis Library - Circulation

Lewis Science Library


Questions about Lewis circulation?  Please contact us at lewiscir@princeton.edu 

A current PUID card or valid Princeton University Borrowers Card is required to check out or renew materials. Loan periods vary by library and borrower status. For more information, see the Library Access page.

Where to check-out, renew or return books
Lewis circulating materials can be checked-out, renewed or returned at either Information Desk (Lewis 1st floor and Fine Hall Wing, A-Floor). Our books may be returned to any campus library, they will be discharged and returned to Lewis. Our books may be renewed at any campus library. Recalled books cannot be renewed.

Renewing books
We offer a limited number of online renewals before requiring that the books be physically returned or renewed at Lewis or a campus library. Patrons will receive an e-mail courtesy notice 5 days before a book is due. Reply back to this notice requesting that the book be renewed and Lewis staff will renew the title. If we require that you physically return the item to Lewis or one of the other campus libraries for renewal or return, the staff will email you. 

Recalling a title
If you need a book that is is checked out, you can either recall it or request a copy through BorrowDirect. Begin by searching the title in the Main Catalog and then choose either BorrowDirect or Recall options. 

If your book has been recalled
If another patron recalls a book you have checked out, you will receive email notification and a revised due date. The book must be brought back by the new due date, otherwise fines will be assessed at $1 per day per title for all patrons.

Fine notices
Fines for overdue recalls and course reserve books must be paid at the Firestone Library Circulation Desk.

Monographs (books) typically circulate for a semester. 

Course reserves circulate for 3 hours. After 9 pm, they may be checked-out overnight and are due at 9:30 am weekdays, and 10:00 am Saturday and Sunday. Fines are assessed at $1 per hour with a 1 hour grace period. Print course reserves are located at the Fine Hall Wing Information Desk.
** Always return course reserve books directly to the Fine Hall Wing Information Desk to avoid fines and fees.

Term Loan circulate the same as monographs (books). These are located across from the Information Desk in the Fine Hall Wing.

Senior theses and Ph.D. theses typically circulate for a semester. Some departmental copies may circulate, but are kept in locked Limited Access. Ask for assistance at the Information Desk in the Fine Hall Wing from 9am-4:30pm.
Microforms, DVDs, CDs and Videos typically circulate for 2 weeks. Ask for assistance at the Information Desk in the Fine Hall Wing from 9am-4:30pm.

Government Documents (U.S. SuDocs) typically circulate for a semester. Ask for assistance at the Information Desk in the Fine Hall Wing from 9am-4:30pm.   

The following collections may only be used in the Lewis Library. They DO NOT circulate.    

    Reference. (Lewis 1st floor and Fine Hall Wing)
    Serials and periodicals, bound and current issues.  (Bound are on Lewis A-Floor; current are on Lewis 2nd floor)
    Graduate Reading. (Located within Fine Hall Wing Reference Collection)
    Documents, bound and current issues.  (Geological survey docuements: Bound are on Fine Hall Wing B-Floor; unbound are on Lewis 2nd floor)
    E/F Oversize and Atlases. (Currently shelved in the Map and Geospatial Information Center, Fine Hall Wing)
    Maps. (Currently located in the Map anf Geospatial Information Center, Fine Hall Wing)
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