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Document Delivery

Lewis Library offers a wide variety of document delivery services to faculty, students and staff. We deliver books from other institutions via interlibrary loan and BorrowDirect, articles to your desktop through our interlibrary loan and ArticleExpress service, and books and articles from materials held in Princeton’s annexes.  

See the following links for details on each service.

Interlibrary loan. Available to currently affiliated members of the Princeton University for journals, books, and other types of materials not available at Princeton.

ArticleExpress. Service for Princeton University faculty, which delivers article-length material to your desktop electronically.

BorrowDirect. A rapid borrowing and lending service offered by Princeton University and ten partner libraries. 

Annex retrieval. Request to retrieve books from either of Princeton’s two Annexes is available through an online form or through the Main Catalog. 

ReCAP. Request to retrieve books or other materials from Princeton’s high density storage facility. Begin with a search of the Main Catalog.

Questions about our document delivery services?  Please email lewislib@princeton.edu