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Olvera Street

Leo Politi




9.  The Poinsettia.
Palm Desert, CA: Best West Publications, 1967.

This view of the Posadas procession shows the proximity of Olvera Street to the northside of the Pueblo de los Angeles, a 44-acre park containing nearly 30 certified historic buildings.  Olvera Street, a bustling Mexican mercado full of family-owned shops, was part of Christine Sterling's inspiration for preserving the site of the city's founding in 1781. By redeveloping the run-down lane in the late 1920s, Sterling hoped to preserve the landmark Avila Adobe, then surrounded by machine shops. Previously Olvera Street was part of Los Angeles' once vibrant Italian-American community and the 22-year-old Politi worked there as a street artist when he returned to California after completing his studies at the Art Institute of the Royal Palace of Monza, Milan.