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Pere Castor

Pere Castor










12.  Paul Faucher.  Jeu de portraits [Portrait Game].  Illustrated by Georges Cherkessof.  Paris: Flammarion, 1934.

12a.  Head and face of Henri IV of France

This activity book about the kings of France was designed to be destroyed! First the child is supposed to pull out the staples holding the text block in the wrappers and to separate the pages. Next he should cut out the rectangles with the heads, then the ovals in which the faces will be inserted. As he cuts out the faces, he can puzzle over the clues printed on the backs so he can match the faces with their heads. Then he can arrange all the kings' portraits in chronological order and hang them up in his room, transforming it into a little museum of French history. If the child preferred, he could insert his face in the different holes and try imitating the kings' expressions.