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Wanted Outlaws Posters Collection


1. B. Berger, alias Leo Botrick, July 31, 1915, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Wanted for grand larceny.

2. Chester Cantrel, 1915, Wibaux County, Montana. 
 Wanted for theft of blue serge suit.

3. Frank De Challis, Digarris, no date, Denver, Colorado. 
 Wanted for counterfeit money and jumping bond.

4. Clifford Hunt, attached to Clyde Douglas, January 1915, Fort Collins, Colorado. 
  Both wanted for horse stealing.

5. Mel B. Jowell, also known as Mal Louell, November 1911, Big Timber, Montana. 
 Wanted for murder. 

6. W. W. McCracken, August 1913, Belle Fourche, South Dakota. 
 Wanted for larceny of horses.

7. John McGuire, July 1915, Davis County, Utah. 
 Escaped from Convict Camp.

8. J. C. D. Pratt, December 1912, Bannock County, Idaho. 
Wanted for felony, embezzlement and horse stealing.

9. Noah T. Richardson, J. H. Burke, and E. Baxtrum, October 1912, Rawlins, Wyoming.
Escaped convicts. 

10. Joe M. Romo, April 1915, Dillon, Montana. 
Wanted for murder, ms. note sighting on notice.


Last Modified: July 16 2003

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