Sanborn Maps of New Jersey: Sayreville

The Sanborn Map Company is the oldest mapping company in the United States. Founded in 1866, the company created detailed building maps of cities and towns all across the country, primarily for use by insurance companies. These maps also have been used extensively by local government agencies for over a century in conducting their daily operations efficiently. Approximately 12,000 American cities and towns are chronicled in the company's collection of over one million maps. As a result of its history, the name "Sanborn" has become synonymous with this kind of map. Genealogists, local history buffs, city planners, architects, and countless others have been drawn to the quality of detail found in them.
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Below is a selection of the maps covering Sayreville, N.J., from 1904 to 1931.
By examining the first or index sheet of a series, the user can identify the number of the sheet that covers a particular street or site in Sayreville.
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