Carrel Agreement for Marquand Library

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology

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    For summer, holidays or recess hours, please consult the full schedule

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Please "check off" the box next to each statement, informing us that you understand and are in agreement with each, and as a Marquand Library carrel holder, will do your best to abide by these policies.

Marquand Library is a quiet, study environment. Please respect those students and faculty members working at carrels nearby. *
A key to the drawers is available upon request; $10 will be charged to replace this key if lost. *
No food or drink, including liquids of any kind should be brought into Marquand, or kept in locked drawers (includes empty water bottles, mugs, coffee, teabags, chocolate, etc.). This is a serious violation, and carrel privileges may be revoked. *
No post-it notes or pens/pencils should be used as bookmarks due to the damage they may cause. *
All books at your carrel must be charged to your carrel (each w/a flag inserted inside), and no Marquand books should be kept in drawers, even if charged (must be visible for others to consult/borrow). *
All books/journals must fit in the bookshelf and/or neatly on top of the desk (upright). *
Books should either be upright on the shelf, or spine down. *
Folios and elephants may not be charged to carrels. *
Nothing should be stored on the floor or on windowsills. *
Please do not use scotch tape to attach anything to your carrel or desk (sticky tack is available at reference desk). *
Book carts should not remain at carrels overnight. *
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