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Questions about sale catalog holdings may be directed to the Marquand reference desk or e-mail with the specifics of what is needed. Many current sales catalogs from Christie's, Sotheby's, Bonham's, Phillips, Swann, William Doyle and others have been boxed by city and date and are mostly off-site out at ReCAP (browse below). These require 1-2 business days' notice at least and up to a week if many catalogs are needed. Marquand has many more catalogs from c. 1820s-1990s for more than 250 auction houses, both cataloged and un-cataloged. Book and coin sales, unless mixed content, are handled by Rare Books & Special Collections in Firestone Library.

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Date Auction House City Sale Name Notes
25-Oct-18 Christie's London 15505 Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and Carpets
30-Oct-18 Christie's New York 16386 Old Masters
30-Oct-18 Christie's Paris 16506 Chefs-D'Oeuvre D'Art Africain Et Oceanien de la Collection Adolphe Stoclet Christie's Paris Box 11
30-Oct-18 Christie's Paris 16418 Arts D'Afrique, D'Oceanie Et D'Amerique Du Nord Christie's Paris Box 11
18-Oct-18 Swann Galleries New York 2489 Artists & Amateurs: Photographs & Photobooks
31-Oct-18 Christie's New York 16391 European Art Part II
1-Nov-18 Swann Galleries New York 2491 Old Master Through Modern Prints
31-Oct-18 Christie's New York 16387 European Art Part II
31-Oct-18 Christie's New York 15793 Antiquities
8-Nov-18 Christie's Paris 16417 Photographies Christie's Paris Box 11
8-Nov-18 Christie's Paris 16490 Hiroshi Sugimoto Photographs: The Fossilization of Time Christie's Paris Box 11
8-Nov-18 Sotheby's Paris PF1820 Photographies
9-Nov-18 Sotheby's Paris PF1830 Modernisme: Photographies Provenant D'Une Importante Collection Privee
12-Nov-18 Christie's New York 15978/15979 Impressionist and Modern Art Works on Paper and Day Sales
13-Nov-18 Bonham's New York 24828 African and Oceanic Art
15-Nov-18 Swann Galleries New York 2494 Contemporary Art
27-Nov-18 Christie's Hong Kong 17418 The Meiji Aethetic: Selected Masterpieces From a Private Asian Collection
29-Nov-18 Christie's Hong Kong 16266 Multifarious Colours Three Enamelled Masterpieces
4-Dec-18 Christie's London 15510 European Sculpture & Works of Art
6-Dec-18 Christie's London 15496 Old Masters Evening Sale
6-Dec-18 Christie's London 16352 The Eric Albada Jelgersma Collection
7-Dec-18 Christie's London 15497 Old Masters Day Sale
11-Dec-18 Christie's London 17488/15507 British & European Art
13-Dec-18 Sotheby's London L18133 Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite & British Impressionist Art Sotheby's London-10 Box 102
17-Dec-18 Bonham's San Francisco 25287 Chinese Snuff Bottles from Worldwide Collectors
17 & 18-Dec-18 Bonham's San Francisco 24948 / 24949 Fine Asian Works of Art / Asian Decorative Art
30-Jan-19 Sotheby's New York N10007 Master Paintings Evening Sale
31-Jan-19 Sotheby's New York N10008 Master Paintings & Sculpture Day Sale
1-Feb-19 Sotheby's New York N10009 19th Century European Art
21-Feb-19 Swann Galleries New York 2499 Photographs: Art & Visual Culture
27-Feb-19 Christie's London 16930 Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale
27-Feb-19 Christie's London 16931 The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale
27-Feb-19 Christie's London 17500 Hidden Treasures
28-Feb-19 Christie's London 16932/16933 Impressionist and Modern Art Works on Paper and Day Sale
5-Mar-19 Swann Galleries New York 2500 The Ismar Littmann Family Collection of German Expressionism & European Avant-Garde Part 1
5-Mar-19 Swann Galleries New York 2500 19th & 20th Century Prints & Drawings Part 2
6-Mar-19 Christie's London 16934 Masterpieces of Design and Photography
19-Mar-19 Sotheby's New York N10030 Junkunc Arts of Ancient China
19-Mar-19 Sotheby's New York N10031 Kangxi The Jie Rui Tang Collection Part 2
19 -Mar-19 Christie's New York 17148 Japanese and Korean Art
19-Mar-19 Sotheby's New York N10039 The Robert Youngman Collection of Chinese Jade
19-Mar-19 Christie's New York 16768 Fine Chinese Paintings
20-Mar-19 Sotheby's New York N10032 Important Chinese Art
20-Mar-19 Christie's New York 17347 Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Works of Art
22-Mar-19 Christie's New York 17487 Power and Prestige: Important Early Chinese Ritual Bronzes from a Distinguished European Collection
22-Mar-19 Christie's New York 16320 Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
23-Mar-19 Sotheby's New York N10035 Saturday at Sotheby's: Asian Art
2-Apr-19 Christie's New York 17021 Photographs
2-Apr-19 Christie's New York 17483 Daydreaming: Photographs From the Goldstein Collection
2-Apr-19 Christie's New York 17878 The Face of the Century: Photographs From a Private Collection
5-Apr-19 Sotheby's New York N10045 Photographs
18-Apr-19 Swann Galleries New York 2506 Classic & Contemporary Photographs
29 & 30-Apr-19 Sotheby's New York N10053 & N10054 Prints & Multiples
1-May-19 Christie's New York 17147 Old Masters
1-May-19 Christie's New York 17904 Masterworks From the Estate of Lila and Herman Shickman
1-May-19 Sotheby's London L19220 Arts of the Islamic World Including Fine Rugs and Carpets Sotheby's London-10 Box 102
1-May-19 Christie's New York 17904 Masterworks From the Estate of Lila and Herman Shickman
2-May-19 Swann Galleries New York 2507 Latin American Art Part 2
2-May-19 Swann Galleries New York 2507 Old Master Through Modern Prints Part 1
2-May-19 Christie's London 17177 Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and Carpets