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Questions about sale catalog holdings may be directed to the Marquand reference desk or e-mail with the specifics of what is needed. Many current sales catalogs from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, Hotel Drouot, Phillips, Swann and William Doyle have been boxed by city and date and are mostly out at ReCAP (browse below). Marquand has many more catalogs from c. 1820s-present for more than 250 auction houses, both cataloged and un-cataloged. Book and coin sales, unless mixed content, are handled by Rare Books & Special Collections in Firestone Library.

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Date Auction Housesort descending City Sale Name Notes
5-Jul-05 Christie's London 7066 Old Master and 19th Century Drawings
25-Oct-05 Christie's New York 1567 19th Century Furniture, Sculpture, Works of Art and Ceramics
23-Nov-05 Christie's London 7094 Important British and Irish Art
30-May-06 Christie's Hong Kong 2310 Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
15-Nov-06 Christie's New York 1725 Post War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
28-Nov-06 Christie's Hong Kong 2322 Important Chinese Jades from the Personal Collection of Alan and Simone Hartman
8-Dec-06 Christie's London 7290 Old Master Pictures / Day Sale
14-Feb-07 Christie's New York 1867 Photographs from the Estate of Thomas T. Solley
19-Apr-07 Christie's New York 1822 Important Old Master Paintings Part I
31-May-07 Christie's London 7393 Photographs
5-Jul-07 Christie's London 7413A Important Old Master and British Pictures Evening Sale
14-Nov-07 Christie's New York 1905 Post-War and Contemporary Art Afternoon Session
4-Dec-07 Christie's London 7375 Genius of the German Renaissance: A collection of prints by Albrecht Durer
7-Oct-08 Christie's New York 2105 European Furniture, Works of Art and Tapestries
2-Dec-08 Christie's Hong Kong 2620 Fine Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy
4-Dec-08 Christie's New York 2058A American Paintings from the Collection of Alice Lawrence
12-Feb-09 Christie's New York 2139 Icons of Glamour and Style - The Constantiner Collection Part II
16-Apr-09 Christie's New York 2157 European Furniture, Works of Art, Tapestries and Carpets
4-Jun-09 Christie's London 7728 Victorian and British Impressionist Pictures
14&15-Sep-09 Christie's New York 2389/2196 Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Including Property from the Arthur M Sackler Collections
30-Sep-09 Christie's New York 2200 Important American Furniture, Folk Art & Prints
12-Nov-09 Christie's London 7789 20th Century British & Irish Art
12-May-10 Christie's New York 2315/2316 Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sale
29-May-10 Christie's Hong Kong 2805 Asian Contemporary Art & Chinese 20th Century Art
21-Jul-10 Christie's New York 2333 Prints & Multiples
7-Oct-10 Christie's London 5488 Antiquities
26-27-Oct-10 Christie's New York 2351 Prints & Multiples including Property from the collection of Max Palevsky
10-Nov-10 Christie's New York 2355M Post-War and Contemporary Art, Evening Sale
28-Nov-10 Christie's Hong Kong 2827 Chinese 20th Century Art
15-Dec-10 Christie's Paris 5614 Arts d'Asie
16-17-Feb-11 Christie's Paris 1054 Collection Jean-Philippe Mariaud de Serres
24-Mar-11 Christie's New York 2516 Magnificent Qing Monochrome Porcelains and Earlier works of art from the Gordon Collection
15-Apr-11 Christie's New York 2504 A Trumbauer Estate on the Philadelphia Main Line
18-May-11 Christie's New York 2444 Important American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
1-Jun-11 Christie's Hong Kong 2861 The Imperial Sale
7-Jul-11 Christie's London 8033 The Exceptional Sale 2011
15-Oct-11 Christie's London 7991 Post-War and Contemporary Art. Day Auction
26-Nov-11 Christie's Hong Kong 2833 Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art. Evening Sale
8-Dec-11 Christie's London 8009 The European Connoisseur & Les Maitres Ebenistes. The property of an important private European collector
23-Mar-12 Christie's New York 2553 Fine Chinese Ceramics and works of art Part II
23-Apr-12 Christie's New York 2547
9-May-12 Christie's New York 2558/2559M Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Sales
26-May-12 Christie's Hong Kong 2905 Asian 20th Century & Contemporary Art. Evening Sale
8-Jun-12 Christie's New York 2565 Antiquities
27-Jun-12 Christie's London 5488M Post-War and Contemporary Art, Evening Auction
25-Jul-12 Christie's New York 2574 Prings & Multiples
28-Nov-12 Christie's New York 2602 American Art
26-Jan-13 Christie's New York 2778 Albrecht Durer Masterpieces from a Private Collection
14-Feb-13 Christie's London 1107 Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Auction
6-Jun-13 Christie's New York 2709 Antiquities