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Questions about sale catalog holdings may be directed to the Marquand reference desk or e-mail with the specifics of what is needed. Many current sales catalogs from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, Hotel Drouot, Phillips, Swann and William Doyle have been boxed by city and date and are mostly out at ReCAP (browse below). Marquand has many more catalogs from c. 1820s-present for more than 250 auction houses, both cataloged and un-cataloged. Book and coin sales, unless mixed content, are handled by Rare Books & Special Collections in Firestone Library.

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Date Auction Housesort descending City Sale Name Notes
9-Nov-07 Christie's Beijing 8808 Chinese 19th Century Paintings and Calligraphy
27-Nov-07 Christie's Hong Kong 2388 Important Chinese Jades from the Personal Collection of Alan and Simone Hartman Part II
7-8-Feb-08 Christie's New York 1965 Prints and Multiples
11-Apr-08 Christie's New York 2120 Photographs by Ansel Adams
27-May-08 Christie's Hong Kong 2611 Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
17-Sep-08 Christie's New York 2027 Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
21-Oct-08 Christie's New York 2124 Minton Pate-Sur-Pate Masterworks from a Distinguished Private Collection
4-Nov-08 Christie's London 7621A A Private English Collection of White Jade Carvings
3-Dec-08 Christie's Hong Kong 2625 Fine Chinese Bamboo Carvings from the Personal Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Hawthorn
29-Jan-09 Christie's New York 2134 Old Masters and the 19th Century Drawings
24-Apr-09 Christie's London 7714 Old Master & British Pictures
13-May-09 Christie's New York 2167 Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
21-Sep-09 Christie's Zurich 1365 Swissart
16-Oct-09 Christie's London 7758/7757 Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Featuring the Italian Sale
5-Nov-09 Christie's London 7764 Important Early European Furniture, Sculpture & Tapestries
8-Dec-09 Christie's London 7782 Old Master & 19th Century Paintings, Drawings & Watercolours
3-Feb-10 Christie's London 7832/7833 Impressionist/Modern Works on Paper + Day Sale
24-Mar-10 Christie's New York 2296 Japanese & Korean Art
13-Apr-10 Christie's London 7843 Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds
16-Jun-10 Christie's London 7856 Victorian & British Impressionist Pictures including Drawings & Watercolours
1-Dec-10 Christie's Paris 5612 Art Africain et Oceanien
26-Jan-11 Christie's New York 2511 Old Master & 19th Century Paintings, Drawings & Watercolors Part II
3-Mar-11 Christie's New York 2419 Fine American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
1-Apr-11 Christie's Paris 1056 Dessins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle
5-May-11 Christie's New York 2438/2439 Impressionist and Modern Works on Paper and Day Sale
20-May-11 Christie's Paris 1009 Art Impressionniste + Moderne
8-Jun-11 Christie's New York 2449 Old Master Paintings
14-Sep-11 Christie's New York 2462 Japanese & Korean Art
6-Oct-11 Christie's New York 2470 Photographs
12-Nov-11 Christie's Paris 1062 Photographies d'Irving Penn. Provenant d'une collection privee Francaise
30-Nov-11 Christie's Hong Kong 2893 Exceptional Chinese works of Art from an Important European Collection
14-Dec-11 Christie's Paris 1052 Art d'Asie
7-Feb-12 Christie's London 8049 Juan Gris: Le Livre
15-Mar-12 Christie's London 8048 The Opulent eye, 500 Years Decorative Arts Europe
17-May-12 Christie's New York 2646 The Van Gliburn Collection: English furniture, Russian works of art, Silver and jewelry
30-May-12 Christie's Hong Kong 2916 Masterpieces of the Enameller's Art from the Mandell Collection
13-Sep-12 Christie's New York 2763 In Pursuit of Knowledge: Asian Art Reference Books Including Selections from the C.T. Loo Library
11-Oct-12 Christie's London 5709 Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction
6-Dec-12 Christie's New York 2603 National Geographic Collection: The Art of Exploration
4-Apr-13 Christie's New York 2767 The Delighted Eye Modernist Masterworks from a Private Collection
15-Apr-13 Christie's Paris 3547 Tableaux anciens et du XIXe Siecle
23-May-13 Christie's London 1123 The English Collector
3-Jul-13 Christie's London 1138 Old Master & British Paintings Day Sale
8-Oct-13 Christie's New York 3433 Arbiters of Styles: The Collection of Anthony Hail and Charles Posey
26-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2748 The Opulent Eye
4-Dec-13 Christie's London 1165 Older Master & British Paintings Day Sale
11-Feb-14 Christie's London 107102 An Italian Vision
19-Mar-14 Christie's New York 2828 Indian and Southeast Asian Art
10-Apr-14 Christie's London 1520 Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds
12-Jun-14 Christie's South Kensington 5736 Arts of India