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Questions about sale catalog holdings may be directed to the Marquand reference desk or e-mail with the specifics of what is needed. Many current sales catalogs from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, Hotel Drouot, Phillips, Swann and William Doyle have been boxed by city and date and are mostly out at ReCAP (browse below). Marquand has many more catalogs from c. 1820s-present for more than 250 auction houses, both cataloged and un-cataloged. Book and coin sales, unless mixed content, are handled by Rare Books & Special Collections in Firestone Library.

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Date Auction House City Sale Name Notes
8-Oct-13 Christie's New York 3433 Arbiters of Styles: The Collection of Anthony Hail and Charles Posey
9-Oct-13 Christie's New York 2776 The Art of Collecting
15-Oct-13 Christie's South Kensington London 9562 Photographs
15-Oct-13 Christie's South Kensington London 9555 Asobi: Ingenious Creativity
17-Oct-13 Swann Galleries New York 2325 Fine Photographs and Photobooks
18-Oct-13 Christie's London 1150 Post War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction
18-Oct-13 Christie's London 1175 Italian Sale
18-Oct-13 Christie's London 1155001 Post War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction
19-Oct-13 Christie's London 115101 Post-War and Contemporary Art Day Auction
19-Oct-13 Christie's London 1151 Post War and Contemporary Art Day Auction
22-Oct-13 Christie's New York DDK-2775
24-Oct-13 Christie's London 1174 Antiquities
24-Oct-13 Christie's New York MONKEY-2738 The Connoisseur's Eye
28-Oct-13 Christie's New York GINGER-2739 19th Century European Art
29-30-Oct-13 Christie's New York 2740 Prints and Mulitples
30-Oct-13 Swann Galleries New York 2328 Old Master Through Modern Prints
31-Oct-1-Nov-13 Sotheby's New York N09031 Prints
5-Nov-13 Christie's New York 3443 A dialogue through art
5-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2788 Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale
5-Nov-13 Swann Galleries New York 2329 The Armory Show at 100
6-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2789-2790 Impressionist and Modern Art Work on Paper and Day Sale
7-Nov-13 Ader Nordmann / Drouot Dessins Anciens & Modernes
8-Nov-13 Sotheby's New York SALE N09034 19th Century European Art
11/7-19/13 Christie's New York/Online 3445 Post-war and Contemporary Art
12-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2719M Post War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
12-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2791 Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
12-Nov-13 Sotheby's London L13232 "KATZ" Defining Taste
13-Nov-13 Artcurial Paris 2349 Tableaux et Dessins Anciens et du XIXe Siecle
13-Nov-13 Piasa Paris Estampes anciennes et modernes
13-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2791-2793M Post War and Contemporary Art Day Sales
13-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2792 Post-War and Contemporary Art Morning Session
13-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2793 Post-War and Contemporary Art Afternoon Session
14-Nov-13 Swann Galleries New York 2331 Contemporary Art
14-Nov-13 Christie's London 1153 The English Collector
14-Nov-13 Christie's Paris 3580 Agathe Gaillard
16-Nov-13 Christie's Paris 3561 Photographies
16-Nov-13 Christie's Paris 3549 Photographies Contemporaines
18-Nov-13 Sotheby's Paris PF1319 Regards Sur l'Orient
19-Nov-13 Sotheby's London L13133 British & Irish Art
20-Nov-13 Christie's London 1187 A Life's Devotion: The collection of the late Mrs. T. S. Eliot
20-Nov-13 Sotheby's London L13102 19th Century European Paintings
20-Nov-13 Christie's London 1157 Modern British and Irish Art Evening Sale
21-Nov-13 Christie's London 1158 Modern British and Irish Art Day Sale
21-26-Nov-13 Christie's Hong Kong Chinese Contemporary Ink
24&26-Nov-13 Christie's South Kensington London Christie's Interiors: The Collection of the Late Sir Guy Millard & Montagu Collection
25-Nov-13 Christie's Hong Kong 3210 Fine Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy
26-Nov-13 Sotheby's Hong Kong HK0495 Snuff Bottles from the Mary and George Bloch Collection: Part VII
26-Nov-13 Christie's London 1159 19th Century European and Orientalist Art
26-Nov-13 Christie's New York 2748 The Opulent Eye
26-Nov-13 Sotheby's Paris PF1314 Arts Decoratifs du Xxe siecle & design