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Questions about sale catalog holdings may be directed to the Marquand reference desk or e-mail with the specifics of what is needed. Many current sales catalogs from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, Hotel Drouot, Phillips, Swann and William Doyle have been boxed by city and date and are mostly out at ReCAP (browse below). Marquand has many more catalogs from c. 1820s-present for more than 250 auction houses, both cataloged and un-cataloged. Book and coin sales, unless mixed content, are handled by Rare Books & Special Collections in Firestone Library.

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Date Auction House City Sale Name Notes
11/26-27/2013 Christie's London 1162 Centuries of Style
11/25,27/13 Christie's Hong Kong 3262 The Su Zhu An Collection of Chinese Paintings and Inkstones
27-Nov-13 Christie's Hong Kong 3265 Imperial Chinese Porcelain
27-Nov-13 Christie's Hong Kong 3263 Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
27-Nov-13 Christie's Hong Kong 3266 The R. F. A. Riesco Collection of Important Chinese Ceramics
27-Nov-13 Tajan 9841-9850 Dessins Anciens et Modernes
3-Dec-13 Christie's Paris 3567 Art Impressionniste + Moderne
3-Dec-13 Christie's London 1164 Olde Master & British Paintings Evening Sale
4-Dec-13 Sotheby's London L13231 European Sculpture & Works of Art
4-Dec-13 Sotheby's London L13036 Old Master & British Paintings
4-Dec-13 Sotheby's London Leverhulme: Masterpieces from a Great British Collection (to be sold in "Old Master & british Paitings;Evening Sale")
4-Dec-13 Sotheby's New York N09048 Masterworks by Norman Rockwell
4-Dec-13 Sotheby's New York N09048 American Art
4-Dec-13 Christie's Paris 3564 Art Contemporain Vent du Soir
4-Dec-13 Christie's London 1165 Older Master & British Paintings Day Sale
5-Dec-13 Sotheby's London L13037 Old Master & British Paintings Day Sale
5-Dec-13 Christie's Paris 356401 Art Contemporain Vente du Jour
5-Dec-13 Christie's New York 2750 Edward Hopper: East Wind Over Weekhawken
5-Dec-13 Christie's New York 2750 American Art
5-Dec-13 Christie's London 1166 The European Connoisseur
5-Dec-13 Christie's South Kensington 9747 Old Master & British drawings & Watercolours
10-Dec-13 Christie's Paris 3566 Art d'Afrique d'Oceanie et D'Amerique du Nord
11-Dec-13 Sotheby's Paris PF1318 Arts d'Afrique et d'Oceanie
12-Dec-13 Swann Galleries New York 2335 Classic Photograph & Photobooks
12-Dec-13 Ader Nordmann / Drouot Estampes Anciennes et Modernes
12/10&11/13 Sotheby's London L13143 Modern & Post-War British Art
12-Dec-13 Christie's London 1177 Victorian & British Impressionist Art
17-Dec-13 Christie's South Kensington 9155 The Japanese Aesthetic
18-Dec-13 Piasa Dessins & Tableaux Anciences Mobilier
1/23,24,27/14 Christie's New York 2814/2815/2816 Important American Furniture, Folk Art, Silver and Chinese Export Art
25-Jan-14 Sotheby's New York N09106 Visual Grace: Important American Folk Art
26-Jan-14 Christie's New York 2535 Old Master & Early British Drawings & Watercolors
28-Jan-14 Christie's New York 2799 Francisco Jose de Goya
29-Jan-14 Christie's New York 2819 Renaissance
29-Jan-14 Christie's New York 2817 Old Master Paintings Part I
29-Jan-14 Sotheby's New York N09101 Old Master Drawings
30-Jan-14 Christie's New York 2818 Old Master Paintings Part II
30-Jan-14 Christie's New York 2820 Old Master & Early British Drawings & Watercolors
30-Jan-14 Sotheby's New York N09102 Old Master Paintings & Sculpture
30-Jan-14 Sotheby's New York N09107 The Courts of Europe
30-Jan-14 Sotheby's New York N09102 Important Old Master Paintings
5-Feb-14 Christie's London 1508 Impressionist/Modern Works on Paper
2/6-20/14 Christie's London/Online? 2619 90s to Now
4-Feb-14 Christie's London Impressionist/Modern Evening Sale
5-Feb-14 Christie's London 1509 Impressionist & Modern Day Sale
11-Feb-14 Christie's London 107102 Eyes Wide Open: An Italian Vision
11-Feb-14 Christie's London 107102 An Italian Vision
13-Feb-14 Christie's London Post-war and contemporary art Evening Auction
13-Feb-14 Christie's London 151001 Post-war and contemproary art Evening Auction
14-Feb-14 Christie's London 1511 Post-War and contemporary art Day Auction