Marquand Art Library - Study Shelves

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology

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Study Shelves

  • To request an assigned shelf in the West Atrium on C Floor in Firestone, please fill out the form below.
  • Assigned study shelves (maximum 35 inches) are issued by Marquand staff on a priority basis to those who are within an eligible class of patrons
  • Books requested from Marquand (McCormick Collection now in Upstate NY, and ReCAP) will be charged to one's shelf ahead of time and made available there.
  • As Marquand’s principal patrons, assigned shelf holders have a special responsibility for respecting the Library’s no food and drink policy within Marquand spaces.

Request a Study Shelf

Proof of status from department and/or confirmation of need to use Marquand's collections from an advisor may be required.
June 1st is the default last date for assigned study shelves, if no other end date is identified.