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Firestone Library
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Study Shelves

  • To request an assigned shelf in the West Atrium on C Floor in Firestone, please fill out the form below.
  • Assigned study shelves (maximum 35 inches) are issued by Marquand staff on a priority basis to an eligible class of patrons
  • Assigned shelf holders have a special responsibility for respecting the Library’s no food and drink policy within Marquand spaces.
  • Marquand's spaces are non-circulating. No Marquand books may leave the West Atrium at any time.
  • Books may be retrieved individually or using book trucks for use in the West Atrium reading room, study carrels or comfortable seating.
  • Books should be reshelved prior to leaving the West Atrium.
  • There is a designated black cart for returns.
  • Books requested from Marquand (McCormick Hall collection--"remote storage"--in Upstate NY, and "remote storage" ReCAP) will be charged to one's shelf and made available there.
  • Deliveries happen from Upstate NY twice per week and ReCAP five days per week, but may take time to arrive in Firestone. Read request-related emails closely.
  • Items uniquely held by Columbia (i.e. Avery Library) and Harvard Fine Arts Library must be consulted in the Scribner Atrium. Request the Princeton copy, if one; the URL will lack "SCSB."
  • Shelf usage will be monitored throughout the year. Unused or little used shelves may be reassigned.
  • Study shelves are not meant to hold personal or non-Marquand library books due to space limitations.
  • The use of post-its or post-it flags will not be tolerated due to the damage they may cause to pages. Please use available paper flags/scrap paper instead.
  • Users assigned a study shelf must agree to abide by these policies.
  • NOTE: lockers to store non-Marquand books may be available for PU affiliates. Consult this link.  

Request a Study Shelf

Proof of status from department and/or confirmation of need to use Marquand's collections from an advisor may be required.
June 1st is the default last date for assigned study shelves, if no other end date is identified.