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Carrel & Shelf Housekeeping

Condition and Use:

  • Carrels are public spaces and must be kept clean and organized.  Nothing may be stored on window sills near heating vents or on the floor.  No Marquand materials may be stored in drawers.  Please be mindful of maintenance staff who must dust and vacuum on a regular basis.
  • Carrel holders are responsible for scratches or other damage to furnishings.  Tape or glue may not be applied to any portion of the desk.  White sticky tack is available from library staff if you need to post a limited number of items.
  • When one has finished using his/her carrel, or one's reported end date has passed, please inform the library if the date needs to be extended. It is the assigned carrel/shelf user's responsibility to clear out on time.

Books on Carrels & Shelves:

  • All books must fit comfortably on assigned shelf or shelves. Overflows on the desk, carts, or other assigned shelf are not allowed.   Non-Marquand books may be kept in one’s carrel or shelf so long as all books fit inside the bookshelf and are the owner's responsibility.  Books must be stored properly—upright on the shelf or sideways on the spine. They should never be piled on the desk, left open or laid horizontally on top of other shelved volumes.  Folios and elephants may not be kept in carrels or on shelves.
  • Books must be properly charged to one’s carrel or shelf with a signed flag in each volume. Uncharged books will be removed.  Please be respectful of other readers and library staff. No one wants to waste time searching for uncharged items.
  • When not in use, charged books may be borrowed from carrels or shelves by other readers. The borrower must leave a completed lt. green slip and return the book to the carrel or shelf within three hours.
  • Do not write in books or mark your place with anything other than a paper bookmark (available at terminals throughout Marquand). Post-it Notes leave an adhesive residue and should never be used on library books.

Personal Items:

  • The Library is not responsible for personal items left in carrels, drawers or on shelves.  The Library reserves the right to inspect carrels, drawers and shelves.
  • When relinquishing your carrel or shelf, return all library books, clear out personal belongings and return the carrel key to the Assistant Librarian.  A replacement fee will be charged if the key is lost or not promptly returned.  Unclaimed personal items will be placed in the Lost and Found on the 1st Floor until cleared out at the end of the semester.