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Priorities for Carrel Assignments

Carrels are reserved for those readers who make regular and substantial use of Marquand’s collections. The following patrons are normally given priority, but because of over-subscription cannot be guaranteed a seat. Librarians will take into account the total number of requests, the nature of research projects, and the hours individuals are in Marquand each week. Carrel usage will be monitored throughout the year. Unused or little used carrels may be reassigned.

  1. Enrolled A&A graduate students, including those who are DCE status
  2. Seniors who are majoring in A&A Programs I and III
  3. A&A faculty, including lecturers, and non A&A faculty who are teaching associated courses
  4. A&A visiting fellows and visiting graduate students
  5. School of Architecture faculty and graduate students
  6. Princeton faculty, unenrolled A&A graduate students, enrolled graduate students and seniors from other departments who have a compelling reason for using Marquand’s collections, and who will be physically present doing research on a regular basis. These individuals will be placed on the wait list and accommodated as possible for the duration of their project. Students must submit a letter of support in the form of an e-mail from a faculty advisor, and confirmation of status from their department administrator to
  7. The Index of Medieval Art is assigned one carrel for its staff.
  8. Note: Patrons who are normally ineligible for carrels include unenrolled or in absentia graduate students, A&A Program II majors, museum staff, docents and Institute members.