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Reading Room Shelves

  1. Patrons ineligible for carrels or visiting scholar shelves may reserve up to 10 books at a time on the shelves in the Reading Room on the first floor.
  2. Once books have been pulled, please proceed to one of the service desks near the entrance to Marquand and request that one’s books be charged to the Reading Room shelves.
  3. The Marquand staff member on duty will hand out a yellow flag for each book. Please fill out your name clearly and legibly (LAST, FIRST), along with today’s date on each slip, and insert one in each book making sure the slip won’t fall out. If the name can’t be read, or there is no name written on each and every slip, the books will ultimately be pulled and reshelved, no exceptions.
  4. Please shelve books upright—or on the spine if too large—and neatly together on the shelf.
  5. Patrons are responsible for physically coming in to Marquand and renewing one’s books every two weeks from the date written on the slip, or else books will be pulled after two weeks have passed. Ultimately, books may be renewed up to two times.
  6. Post-its are not to be used in Marquand books, and will be pulled if found.
  7. Books from other Princeton libraries or non-Princeton libraries should not be shelved in the Reading Room.
  8. Marquand patrons eligible for carrels or shelves: Art & Archaeology faculty, graduate students, and majors, visiting scholars, and upperclassmen with compelling need, may not also reserve books to the Reading Room. Thank you for your cooperation.