Marquand Art Library - Photo Duplication

Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology

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Photography Services

Photographs and/or digital images may be requested from Marquand materials for a fee. 

  • For professional photo duplication, please fill out the following Photography Request form.
  • Copy requests other than from locations: Marquand Library-Rare Books and RECAP-Marquand Library (Rare) use only are handled by Resource Sharing staff. Princeton affiliates please visit Article Express to submit a copy request. Please note that only libraries may submit an interlibrary loan request, and Marquand does not loan entire volumes. Marquand Library does not copy or scan for individuals.
  • Art & Archaeology Faculty or their assistants, may request digital images for their courses. Please fill out the orange form available in Marquand and leave it with accompanying Marquand book(s). Visual Resources staff may be called upon to assist. Rare Book requests should be handled via the Photography Request form.