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Honorary Degree Recipients, 1748-2001

Last Name First Name Degree Year Awarded Year of Death File?
L.E.M.W. (Princess, Netherlands) Juliana LL.D. 1941 NA No
O.F.W.O. (Prince, Sweden) Gustaf Adolf LL.D. 1926 NA No
1st Baron Kelvin William Thomson LL.D. 1896 1907 No
Aalto Alvar D.F.A. 1947 NA Yes
Abbett Leon LL.D. 1884 1894 Yes
Abbott Mather Almon Litt.D. 1920 NA No
Abercrombie James D.D. 1804 1841 No
Abrams Frank Whittemore LL.D. 1957 NA Yes
Adam John Douglas D.D. 1919 NA No
Adams John D.D. 1772 1792 Yes
Adams Charles Francis LL.D. 1908 NA No
Adams Frederick Augustus Ph.D. 1869 1888 No
Adams James Truslow Litt.D. 1933 NA Yes
Adams John Quincy LL.D. 1806 1848 Yes
Adams Walter Sydney D.Sc. 1947 NA Yes
Adams William LL.D. 1869 1880 Yes
Adenauer Konrad LL.D. 1960 NA Yes
Adivar Abdulhak Adnan Litt.D. 1947 NA Yes
Agee Alva M.S. 1922 NA Yes
Agnew David Hanes A.M. 1860 1892 Yes
Agnew David Hayes LL.D. 1874 1892 No
Aiken Charles Augustus Ph.D. 1866 1892 No
Aiken Charles Augustus D.D. 1868 1892 No
Aikman Robert D.D. 1874 1900 No