Mendel Fall 2020 FAQ

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Mendel FAQ


Kindly note the following:

  1. Only patrons with confirmed reservations will be permitted to enter the Library. We will not be able to accommodate requests for seat reservations or access to our stacks for anyone who does not have an active PUID and is not authorized to be on campus. 
  2. Book pick-up service will continue to be offered at all locations. We recommend you use this service if possible to help us minimize traffic into Library spaces.
  3. PUL will not provide print course reserves this fall. Library staff will assist faculty in identifying ebooks and online versions of the necessary course readings. PUL expects to launch an online view-only service for copyrighted materials requestable for on-demand digitization from the catalog. Details will be available soon.

Can I just walk into the library?

Only patrons with confirmed reservations or patrons with items ready for pick up will be permitted to enter the Library. Please contact staff virtually or by phone with any questions. 

How does the seat reservation system work?

Through an online reservation system, Princeton University students and faculty with an active PUID will be able to book a seat in a designated Library location for a specified period of time. The Library remains closed to the public and other patrons. Patrons will be guided through check-in, browsing, finding their reserved seat, and check-out by staff (at a social distance) through signage. Following social protocols, including wearing face coverings at all times, maintaining a social distance of at least six feet, and frequent handwashing is mandatory while visiting Library spaces.

How can I get in to print/scan?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer printing and scanning services at this time.

How do I book time in my carrel?

Carrel occupants must use the online reservation system to book time to access their carrels. Please use the link on the Mendel homepage and you will be prompted to authenticate using your netID. Only patrons who have applied for and been granted a carrel will be able to book space in the carrel zones. Please note that there are a limited number of spots available at one time. 

The name of the seats in the reservation system (Carrel Seat 1, Carrel Seat 2, etc.) does not correspond with your assigned carrel number. It is simply to keep track of occupancy since we currently have an occupancy limit for the library. Carrel users are responsible for maintaining social distancing during bookings. If a colleague has a reservation at the same time and they have a carrel adjacent to yours, please choose another seat that is at least 8 feet away.  The large study table and the soft seating are suggested for this purpose. Mendel staff is relying on your help to maintain social distancing.

Am I allowed to browse the stacks?

You must have a reservation for a seat in order to browse the stacks in Mendel. Please use the online reservation system. To minimize traffic in stacks, please conduct your catalog searches prior to visiting Library spaces to familiarize yourself with the location of books you are interested in browsing. Reservations are limited to Princeton users with an active PUID.

Are these library books safe to touch? Can I clean them?

All library locations quarantine returned items for 24 hours. Please do not clean the books and/or use any disinfectant products on library items!

Will you be loaning headphones/adapters/drives or other electronic equipment?

Mendel will not be loaning headphones at this time. Other electronic devices and accessories can be requested at the desk.

How do I return books?

You may return books in the Woolworth Lobby drop box at any time. If you do not have card access to Woolworth, books may be returned to Firestone’s return bin that is accessible without keycard access. If you are not in the Princeton area and need to return books, please contact for instructions.

How can I check out books?

There are two ways to check out Mendel Music Library items. Please note that these services are limited to onsite Princeton students/faculty/staff. 

  1. We recommend that you use the book pick up service by requesting your items online. Please watch this short video for information.
  2. If you must browse in person, please reserve a seat using the online reservation system. You will be able to browse the stacks and bring items back to your seat for viewing. At the end of your booking, you can check out items at the circulation desk.

Why can't I ask questions at the desk? What is the best way to contact the staff?

Please contact Mendel Music Library staff via email (, phone (609-258-3230), or our new chat service found on the Mendel homepage. We can set up a virtual research consultation for lengthier questions. In order to keep the entrance to Mendel clear for exit/entry and to maintain social distancing, we request that you ask questions virtually or by phone.