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Music Department Class Performance Audio Archive

Online audio archive of Princeton University's Music Department Class Performances. This section includes class performances, separated by class number (mus210). Once in the archive for a specific class number, the selections are separated by year.  

This archive is constantly growing and the performance that you are looking for might not be available online yet.  If the performance is not available online, feel free to email Mendel Music Library to check if we have a hardcopy.  Hardcopies of performances can be listened to on-site at Mendel Music Library.

Performance dates include: 05/06/1990, 05/16/1991, 11/23/1991, 11/14/1992

Includes recordings of recitals from 2002-2013

Includes recordings from MUS210 classes from 2002-2013

Includes recordings from MUS213 classes from 1991-2016

Includes recordings from MUS214 classes from 2004-2016

Includes recordings from MUS215 classes from 2004-2012

Includes recordings from MUS308 classes from 2006-2010

Includes recordings from MUS310 classes from 2005-2016

Includes recordings from MUS319 class performance on 04/05/11

Includes recordings from MUS321, MUS219, COS/MUS 314/316 & ATL