New Data & Statistical Services Center Opened

The Data and Statistical Services (DSS) Lab has moved to its new location -- A-12-G (Firestone Library).   The new location is enclosed in glass and features an inviting new work area. 


The lab has the same hours as Firestone Library but staffing differs depending on the time of the year and is a walk-in service.  Consultants provide software and statistical assistance in quantitative analysis as part of independent research projects such as junior papers, senior theses, term papers, dissertations, and scholarly articles.    Software in the lab includes Stata, SPSS (now PASW), SAS, Matlab, R, and Stat/Transfer.  DSS advises about the choice and application of quantitative methods, the conversion of data from one format to another, and the interpretation of statistical analyses.  For help locating appropriate data, please contact a subject specialist.

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