National Social Sciences Database (China)

July 17, 2014. Since 2012 hundreds of high-level Chinese social science and humanities journals, including those published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, had been pulled out of commercial databases, making more recent issues temporarily unavailable. Princeton users are advised that they are now freely available in the National Social Sciences Database (Guojia zhexue shehui kexue xueshu qikan shujuku) at Titles include 城市问题 (Urban Problems), 财经研究 (The Study of Finance and Economics), 当代韩国 (Contemporary Korea), 东南亚研究 (Southeast Asian Studies), 敦煌学辑刊 (Journal of Dunhuang Studies), 当代亚太 (Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies), 敦煌研究 (Dunhuang Research), 复旦学报:社会科学版  (Fudan Journal, Social Sciences Edition), 方言 ( Dialect), 金融研究 (Journal of Financial Research), 考古 (Archaeology), 历史研究 (Historical Research), 满语研究 (Manchu Studies), 明清小说研究 (The Research on Ming and Qing Dynasties Novels), 美国研究 (American Studies Quarterly), 民族语文 (Minority Languages of China), 南开管理评论 (Nankai Business Review), 清史研究 (Studies in Qing History), 求实 (Truth Seeking), 日本问题研究 (Japan Problem Studies), 人口研究 (Population Research), 世界宗教研究 (Studies in World Religions), 探索 (Probe), 文史哲 (Journal of Literature,History and Philosophy), 文物 (Cultural Relics), 中国经济史研究 (Researches in Chinese Economic History), 中国语文 (Chinese) and 政治学研究 (CASS Journal of Political Science).

Individual titles have also been registered in the catalog; thus, when searching for Kao gu in the catalog, and clicking on “View Princeton’s online holdings,” there is an additional link to the holdings in the NSSD. Some titles have only the more recent issues, others go back much longer.