Trial access to Media Han’gukhak (韓國歷代文集叢書, 韓國地理風俗誌叢書)

Princeton users now have a trial access to 한국학 종합 DB (Han’gukhak Chonghap DB = Korean Studies DB) until the end of the next AAS Conference (March 2015).

This database is composed of the following two components:

Both titles were published in print previously, but the EAL does not hold the print versions.

The original texts are provided via scanned images only; they are not searchable as electronic texts. Tables of contents are all indexed and searchable.

On the DB website, you may see one additional component titled 韓國文集叢刊, which is provided free of charge, together with other online resources by the Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics.

As the name indicates, 韓國文集叢刊 it also includes translation into Modern Korean, but the 한국학 종합 DB (Han’gukhak Chonghap DB) provides the same contents with a improved interface.

Please send your comments to Hyoungbae Lee.