Trials to three Japanese databases

Posted: Wednesday, 18 March 2015 - 9:33am

March 13, 2015. Princeton users have trial access to the following 3 Japanese databases

A Nihon bungaku web toshokan : Waka & haikai Library

This database is specialized for waka and haikai. The contents are:

  1. Shinpen Kokka taikan (新編国歌大観)
  2. Shinpen Shikashū taisei (新編私家集大成)
  3. Koten haibungakū taikei(古典俳文学大系)
  4. Kaso shūsei (歌書集成) including San’itsu kashūgire taisei(散佚歌集切集成)and Shūi gensō wakashū (拾遺現藻和歌集)


Special instructions are provided. You will need to access the site and download a viewer. To access the database, please use the ID and passwords below.

ID                            Password

prn0001            GdSub7E5
prn0002            oo2rTp6J
prn0003            xFqmjZpm
prn0004            jWshtYx0
prn0005            VHAjEyyz

B. Nihon Kindai Bungakukan  Takita Choin kyuzō Kindai sakka genkō (日本近代文学館 滝田樗陰旧蔵 近代作家原稿集). NOW PURCHASED

A manuscript collection of modern writers who involved with Takita Choin, the chief editor of Chuō Korōn, such as Tokuda Shusei, Tokutomi Soho, and Satomi Ton.  The collection contains 209 titles of manuscripts which revising and polishing work can be traced. Please access at:


A Who’s who which contains total 610,000 of biographical information on historical and contemporary people. The database links to MagazinePlus which enables to find citations and links to the person’s works.