A Student’s Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese, trial

September 2, 2015. Princeton users have trial access to the A Student’s Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese dictionary online, part of Brill’s Chinese Reference Shelf. The dictionary is essential for all those reading Chinese texts from the period of approx. 500 BCE to 1000 CE. It contains 8,330 individual characters, has an abundance of alliterative and echoic binomes (lianmianci 連綿詞), identifies hundreds of plants, animals, and assorted technical terms in various fields. The various appendices, including one with reign eras and exact accession dates of emperors given according to both Chinese and Western calendars, only go to 1000 CE. The dictionary was compiled by Paul W. Kroll, assisted by a small team of scholars including William G. Boltz, David R. Knechtges, Y. Edmund Lien, Antje Richter, Matthias L. Richter, and Ding Xiang Warner.

URL: http://chinesereferenceshelf.brillonline.com/chinese-english/