NK News (North Korea)

September 2, 1015. Princeton users now have access to NK News, an unrivaled independent, specialist database  focused on North Korea. It aims to be a one-stop-shop on North Korea, bringing together news, opinion & analysis, research tools, data, and subject specialists in one convenient place.

In addition to providing primary and secondary data on North Korea that is unavailable anywhere else, it offers research tools specifically tailored for users within government and academia.

Opinion writers include thought leaders such as B.R. Myers, Moon Chung-in, Jim Hoare, and Aidan-Foster Carter; other specialist include Dr. Andrei Lankov, Moon Chung-in, Aidan Foster-Carter, Tatiana Gabroussenko, Curtis Melvin and Jim Hoare.

Specialist journalists at NK News provide 24 hour news coverage on North Korea from locations around the world: Kosuke Takahashi (Tokyo), Subin Kim (Seoul), Chad O’Carroll (London), Rob York (Honolulu), Justin Rohlrich (New York City.

Finally, a wide-range of voices share their views and experiences about North Korea on a weekly basis. through the Ask A North Korean column.

NK News is available through http://library.princeton.edu/resource/14916.