China Economy, Public Policy, and Security (pishu) Database

September 10, 2015. Princeton users have now access to the collected volumes of papers called pishu (皮书) from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), published (often yearly) by the Social Science Academic Press (SSAP). This database should be especially useful for researchers in the economic, political and social sciences of China.

The archive covers all pishu published by SSAP from 1991 onward, and new pishu are uploaded on a monthly basis, between 15-20 new volumes each month. You can see the updated title list here:

You can search within all titles, or by series and/or thematic keyword (click on those headings). The seven series are China Society and Culture (国社会与文化), China Economic Development (中国的经济发展), China Regional Analysis – Provincial  (中国地区分析 – 省级), China Regional Analysis – Municipal  (中国地区分析 – 市政的), China Regional Analysis – Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan (中国地区分析 – 香港/澳门/台湾), China Industrial Sectors (中国的工业部门),  and Global Economy, Politics, Security  (世界经济,政治,安全). Thematic keywords include advertising, ethnology, etc. The database also includes such titles as the Annual Report on Research on Japan (日本研究报告). An explanatory brochure about the database is available from:  .

We have only a selection of these works  in paper, and ranges may be spotty. Note that almost all titles are Chinese-only, although they do have English alternative titles.

Access is through