Sinica SinoWeb

September 10, 2015. Princeton users have now access to the Sinica Sinoweb database. This database gives access to past and (if applicable) current issues to the following Sinological periodicals published in Taiwan (mostly from the Academia Sinica):

中央研究院歷史語言研究所集刊, 中央研究院中國文哲研究集刊, 中央研究院近代史研究所集刊, 中央研究院近代中國婦女史研究, 中央研究院口述歷史期刊, 中央研究院近代中國史研究通訊, 中央研究院臺灣人類學刊, 中央研究院臺灣史研究, 漢學研究, 思与言, 鵝湖學誌, 鵝湖月刊, 食貨月刊, 民俗曲藝

Access is through

The home page is in English; you may want to change to Traditional Chinese for better results. If so, it may seem that the very first page requires a password; it doesn’t, just search after selecting the journal you want to search: it only lets you know you are an authorized user after search results are obtained. Results give hits first, then snippets. Only after looking at a snippet, you’ll see the option for downloading the whole article.

Note that there may be titles listed in the Chinese interface in the left column which we do not subscribe to.