Welcome Back!

Welcome back students, faculty, staff and visitors to academic year 2015-16! Marquand's ten staff members are happy to see you all again and look forward to serving your needs this year. There are ten new student assistants working at our front desks this semester, as well as three students employed in back-of-the-house activities like processing new books, shelving new periodical issues, scanning for document delivery, and assisting staff members otherwise. Mark Armstrong joined our staff in June. A recent M.S.I. graduate of the University of Michigan, Mark works 2-10 pm, Sunday-Thursday. An important part of Mark’s job is to support Marquand’s Digital Library initiatives, including the Blue Mountain Project, a digital library of avant-garde periodicals, and the Digital Cicognara Library, an international effort to recreate virtually the greatest art history library of the Enlightenment. 

Mark Armstrong

Library Contact