Apabi newspaper database

Nov. 23, 2015. Princeton users now have access to the Apabi Newspaper database at http://library.princeton.edu/resource/27062; choose the shuzi baozhi 数字报纸 tab. Newspapers available include the following: Renmin ribao (2009-), Guangming ribao (2013-), Huanqiu ribao (1993-), Wenhuibao (2012-), Jiefangjun bao (2009-), Zhongguo wenhuabao (2008-), Zhongguo jingji shibao (2012-), plus 19 others. These newspapers expand upon our current offerings (which include the newspapers in WiseSearch and Factiva, the Huanqiu shibao, plus historical access to the Renmin ribao, Guangming ribao, and Jiefangjun bao). However, this database has a very different interface, and includes the newspaper pages as actually published.

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