New China Statistical Yearbook Database

December 10, 2015. Princeton users now have access to the China Statistical Yearbook Database (CNKI), a large selection of statistical data published by the Chinese government including the 2010 census (search for 2010年人口普查), at . A wide variety of economic, social and environmental topics is covered. There is a data search (with a standard, an index value, and an index definition mode), a data analysis tool (enabling comparison by districts, indexes, years), and one can use yearbook navigation. Because of changes to indexes over the years, and differences in coverage from index to index or district to district, the safest way of searching may be by yearbook navigation.

The database is available from within the general CNKI interface, as used for the China Academic Journals ( ). However, because there is a noticeable time gap between yearbook issues showing up in the Chinese interface, and their appearance in the English interface, users are encouraged not to use the English interface. There are also  translation and typographical error issues with the English version.

Notice that other statistical data may be available from other databases, from the so-called pishu reports database (China Economy, Public Policy, and Security Database, ), and China Data Online (, including the GeoExplorer).

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