Trial to Japanese Art Journal

January 4, 2016. We currently have  a trial for Web Bijutsu shinpo, until February 3rd.

The Bijutsu Shinpo, published from 1902 (Meiji 35) to 1920 (Taisho 9), was a journal of modern Japanese art and modern culture which was not exclusively on the art of Japan, but also treated painting, sculpture, crafts and calligraphy from the ancient to contemporary periods of the East and West.  The Web Bijutsu Shinpo contains 19 years’ worth of articles, illustrations, photographs, news items and miscellaneous entries such as advertisements and obituaries. It also has an index of about 68,000 proper nouns, searchable by keyword.


Bijutsu shinpo is shown at the last line of the JK Books on the left column.

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