TRIAL to a variety of Chinese databases: the Xu xiu Si ku quan shu, the Da gong bao, the Atron Art Books

May 2, 2016. Princeton users have trials to a new set of Chinese databases until the end of May.


  1. The Xu xiu si ku quan shu database. The full database is a set of 5513 titles, of which 4486 are available during the trial. This database is a subset of a prohibitively expensive large database (many of which already available in other databases), and forms an important addition to the Siku quan shu Zhongguo ji ben gu ji ku database already available. The database searches very quickly, you can compare OCRd text with original text, and print or download using a somewhat idiosyncratic decorative, but self-explanatory interface.




  2. The Da gong bao (or Ta Kung Pao) database of this important newspaper (1902-). All editions (Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hankou, Hong Kong, Guilin) are included. Results are available in snippets, full page pdf, and full text versions.




  1. The Yachang or Artron Art Books database. An e-book collection of 5,000+ art books, including also more than 2,000 videos.





In all these cases, whether we will actually acquire these databases or not will depend to a large extent on your response; please send your opinions and comments to me,, or for the Artron Art Database, Kim Wishart,

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