Trial to Zhonghua jingdian guji ku database (Zhonghua Shuju)

May 4, 2016. Princeton users have a trial until the end of July to the Zhonghua Jingdian guji ku 中华经典古籍库, the “Zhonghua Ancient Books Database”, a collection of the well-known Zhonghua shuju edited and punctuated standard editions of the Chinese classics. The database currently includes more than 600 titles, but is expected to grow in the future, also to include similar edited standard editions from other publishers.


The database is searchable full-text, and comparisons with the image versions of the text can be made. Specialized functions are provided to use various categorized lists as access points, and most importantly, not only simplified and traditional characters can be searched, but also variant versions of people’s names, places and titles can be simultaneously retrieved, overcoming a major drawback of other full-text databases.


While Princeton is seriously interested in this database, the actual overseas release structure has not yet been finalized, and there may be quite a delay between the trial and the actual availability of the database. Thus we urge you to plan accordingly, and use the trial period fully. The database developers will entertain suggestions for improvement; thus please let us know the ways the database could be made more useful. Email:


The trial URL is Since this a trial, for access off-campus please first establish a Princeton connection; once we would have the database, this will be more automatic.

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