Trial access to Japanese database Kōbunsō Taika Koshomoku

October 10. Princeton users have trial access to the Kōbunsō Taika Koshomoku from October 10 to November 9.

The Kōbunsō Taika Koshomoku is a set of antiquarian book catalogs sent out  to customers by Shigeo Sorimachi, founder of the antiquarian bookstore Kōbunsō. The digital collection contains 77 volumes, with 20,312 items, published from 1933 to 1984. The catalogs are full of detailed bibliographical information and contain a wealth of illustrations, making them a useful reference for philological and bibliographical studies.

Title: JKBooks: Kōbunsō taika koshomoku


Trial period: 10/10/2016-11/9/2016

Simultaneous access: 4


We are likely to subscribe to this database after the trial period, but please send your comments to Setsuko Noguchi,


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