"AddPinyin" Plugin for MarcEdit

December 15. The Princeton University East Asian Library is happy to announce the release of the AddPinyin Plugin for MarcEdit.  This free software tool automates the process of adding pinyin to batches of Chinese MARC records.  Its functionality complements that of the previously released OCLC Connexion Pinyin Conversion Macro; whereas the OCLC Macro is run on individual fields within a single record, the MarcEdit Plugin is designed for batch processing.  The plugin works within the popular MarcEdit utility, and thus can add pinyin directly to MARC record files without having to first load them to a database.

The plugin can be downloaded from the following site, which contains additional documentation:


We hope you find this tool useful, and welcome any feedback and suggestions for additional features.  Special thanks to Terry Reese (developer of MarcEdit) for his guidance and to our colleagues at Princeton and UCSD who tested the software for us.

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