Trial to Mobilising East Asia

December 15, 2016. Princeton users have trial access to the new database Mobilising East Asia.

This database offers a tightly organised series of pivotal English-language newspapers, books and magazines reporting and commenting on developments in East and South-East Asia from the turn of the century to the early 1950s, showing the route from the first defeat of a major European power by an Asian nation to the calamitous defeat of that nation, Japan, systemic change in China and the onset of seismic upheaval in Asia.

With materials sourced from hard-to-find and in some cases unique originals, this collection is now presented online in full text-searchable format for the first time. Items include Contemporary Japan, the Japan Advertiser Annual Review, the Japan News-Week, and the Shanghai-based Israel's Messenger. More material on Manchuria, including the Manchuria Daily News (1912-1940), is being added. A file with the current and upcoming contents is available here.

Not all available material is fully included, and there are gaps for many titles, some of which had only short runs, and therefore are difficult to find anywhere. Also, full-text searching is based upon OCRd text, with its resulting problems.

During the trial, use


to access.

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