Trial to Jinbutsu sōsho

April 6, 2017. Princeton users now have access to a trial for Jinbutsu Sōsho. It is accessible on JapanKnowledge, listed under JKBooks. (URL: -please click on login)

Jinbutsu Sōsho is a collection of biographies of historical figures in Japan edited by the Nihon Rekishi Gakkai (The Society of Japanese history). It contains 270 volumes/persons from ancient to contemporary times within a wide range of areas such as politics, economics, literature, religion and art.

A new function , “Knowledge Searcher” enables a user to perform cross-referencing searches with other encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other book series in the JapanKnowledge Lib. When you have turned on this option, selecting a word in the text results in a pop-up window showing you occurrences of that word in other databases within JapanKnowledge. Full-text searching is of course also available, and you can use a vertical reading mode.

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