Trial to Japanese E-books, including the Dai Nihon Bukkyo zensho and the Nihon Daizokyo

January 17, 2018. Princeton users have a one-month trial access to two major Japanese Buddhist sets: the Dai Nihon Bukkyō zensho and the Nihon Daizōkyō.

The Dai Nihon Bukkyō zensho is the first and the most comprehensive set on Buddhism compiled by Japanese scholars such as Nanjō Bunyū, Takakusu Junjirō, Mochizuki Shinkō, Ōmura Seigai, etc . Originally published by the Bussho Kankōkai from 1912 to 1922, the series contains 161 volumes not only on Buddhist schools but also including rare materials, temple histories, secret books of esoteric Buddhism, old documents, diaries, and works by Buddhists.

The Nihon Daizōkyō is a compilation of the fundamental literature of various schools emphasizing doctrines as well as works by Buddhist founders and scholars. It is considered a companion set of the Dai Nihon Bukkyō zensho.

The works are contained in a larger Maruzen e-book collection. To access these two titles, please type 大日本佛教全書 or 日本大蔵経 in the search window, then the available titles will be listed. You can also type each individual title you wish to read.

During the trial, you can also use any other title listed in this small e-book collection.

Both titles are available also at HathiTrust, and this trial has been initiated to see whether the additional functionality in this ebook set is useful or not.

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