Party and Government Documents in English (PR of China)

July 5, 2018. Princeton users have now permanent access to the Party and Government Documents in English (PR of China).

The Party and Government Documents in English (PGDiE) is a unique collection of official documents in English, covering various levels of Chinese government, Communist Party of China (CPC) and National People's Congress (NPC) from authoritative sources from 1921 onwards. Featured contents include documents on the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution; the Taiwan Question, the National Congress of the CPC, Five-year plans, The First session of the First National People's Congress, reports on the Work of the Government, government communiqués, government White Papers, and Policies and Activities of the Foreign Ministry. The White Papers include also documents in other languages than English (Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.)

Some of the English material is machine-translated.

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