Trial Access to Duxiu Qikan

April 4, 2018.  Princeton users have trial access to Duxiu Qikan until the end of June.

Duxiu Qikan 读秀期刊 gives access to academic journal articles from mainland China. Different to China Academic Journals the database does not only list articles that are included for full-text download, but also offers bibliographic information, abstracts, citation information, and statistics for articles that are not available for download. In this respect it is quite similar to the Web of Knowledge.

Where possible the database gives direct access to the full-text of the article in HTML on the article description page, which makes it good to use on mobile devices and for reading online.

Access to the database is available via the general Duxiu database website:

Below the search bar a linked icon for Duxiu Qikan 读秀期刊 will appear.  At the moment the database works well with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, but there are still problems with viewing the website in Firefox.

Please let us know your thoughts about this database.

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