Timely tip: tap into PUL's access to NK News for up-to-date info on North Korea


Princeton University students, faculty, and staff can access NK News, an independent database providing news, research tools, and data on North Korea through Princeton University Library's electronic resources.

On NK News, subscribers can: 

  • Read translated, up-to-date 24-hour news coverage from various international sources. Among journalists frequently featured on the database are Justin Rohlrich, Emmy Award winning American journalist; Kosuke Takahashi, Japanese journalist; and Chad O'Carroll, NK News founder and CEO of Korea Risk Group (NK News' parent company).
  • Explore opinions from leading experts, such as Aidan-Foster Carter, honorary senior research fellow in Sociology and Modern Korean at Leeds University, and Stephan Haggard, Lawrence and Sallye Krause Professor of Korea-Pacific Studies, director of the Korea-Pacific Program, and professor of political science at University of California San Diego.
  • Peruse analysis from subject specialists such as Mintaro Oba, speechwriter at West Wing Writers and former Korea Desk Officer at the U.S. State Department; Tatiana Gabroussenko, professor of North Korean studies at Korea University, Seoul; and Dr. Andrei Lankov, specialist in Korean studies and Director of Korea Risk Group.
  • Follow the "Ask a North Korean column," where a wide range of voices share their views and experiences about North Korea on a weekly basis. 
  • Use research tools, as well as find primary and secondary dataspecifically tailored for users within government and academia.
  • Track North Korean ships live (only available on Firefox).

To access NK News, visit here. For more information about PUL's East Asian resources and collections, contact Martin Heijdra, East Asian Library Director.

Patrons, please note: this resource is strictly limited to Princeton University students, faculty, and staff.


Written by Martin Heijdra, East Asian Library Director, and Stephanie Ramírez, Library Communications Assistant

Media contact: Barbara Valenza, Library Communications Manager