Tabloids (1897-1949)

Princeton users have now permanent access to the Tabloids 小報 (1897-1949) .

The Tabloids (1897-1949) is a sub-section of the National Index to Chinese Newspapers & Periodicals (Quan guo bao kan suo yin 全國報刊索引). It collects more than 400 individual titles of tabloids form the collections of Shanghai Library. The database includes among other titles like Youxi bao 《遊戲報》, Shijie fanhua bao 《世界繁華報》, Jingbao 《晶報》, Fuermosi (Holmes)《福爾摩斯》, Luobinhan (Robin Hood)《羅賓漢》, Libao《立報》and Shehui ribao《社會日報》.

These popular newspapers are a great resource for research into popular culture and modern city life in late Qing and Republican China. Much more than broadsheet newspapers the tabloids are focusing on leisure, entertainment, literature, film, theater and dance and also offer the latest gossip.

Photographs and advertisement have also been individually indexed. This makes the database also into a rich visual resource for daily life in Republican China.

As in the sister databases Late Qing Journals and Republican Journals, full text searching is not possible, but the content of the newspapers has been meticulously indexed on the article level. The articles are available for download in PDF format.

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