Song Tomb Inscriptions Database

Princeton users have now permanent access to the Song Tomb Inscriptions Database 宋代墓誌銘資料庫.

The Song Tomb Inscriptions Database is the first section of Zhonghua Shuju’s Chinese Stone Inscriptions Database 《中華石刻數據庫》.  It currently includes about 6,500 items, but will eventually include 8,800 items. The database has been constructed under the direction of the Song Historian Li Weiguo. The texts have been collated from various sources like the Quan Song wen《全宋文》, archeological reports and from private collections of rubbings. The sources of each epitaph are given on the respective page.

Where available high quality images of the rubbings have been added to the database and can be viewed side by side with the text.

The database is full text searchable, but operates copy protection. Copying of text is only possible via a pop-up that will show when a section of text is marked.



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