New East Asian Library Supplementary Site in DPUL

February 25, 2019. For many years, the EAL has been creating digitized copies of tables of contents, indexes, and other such material from key sets published in many, often hundreds of volumes.  These have always been linked to records in the online catalog, making it easier for users to identify which volume of a work they needed to request from storage.  We are happy to announce that all of this material (from over 500 works) has been moved to a new site called “East Asian Library Supplementary Materials”.


Although all of this material is still linked to records in the online catalog, this new site makes it easier to browse through all of files in one location. Special tags are prepared for the various categories of the site. Both on the new site and in the catalog, the files are easier to use, with faster loading times and (for the larger files) a directory that allows you to quickly jump to a specific section of the file.  We also took the opportunity to add the fulltext of some other material that has been produced by the Princeton University Library over the years: “Korean Rare Books in the Princeton University Library,” “Catalogue of the Robinson go collection” and “East & West: Europe's discovery of China & China's response to Europe, 1511-1839; a check-list of the exhibition in the Princeton University Library, February 15-April 30, 1957.”

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