Quan Song Wen

Princeton users have now permanent access to the Quan Song Wen 《全宋文》.

The latest additions (part six) to the Zhonghua jingdian gujiku database from Zhonghua Shuju includes the 360 volume Quan Song Wen《全宋文》set as ebooks. Quan Song Wen is a collection of Chinese prose dating from the Song dynasty that was first published in 2006 by 上海辭書出版社.

All of the included titles are individually indexed and can be retrieved via the search function of the database. The advanced search system is very sophisticated and now automatically offers options to search variant author names like for example 字,號 or 法名 of Buddhist monks.

The Zhonghua jingdian gujiku contains the standard punctuated versions of many important Chinese classical texts in the fields of philosophy, history and literature (such as biji) as published by Zhonghua Shuju and other major publishers of punctuated editions. In addition to browsing whole titles, this digitized version has been optimized to search simultaneously variant forms of characters (defaults can be changed in the advanced search), and includes especially useful ways to search variants of biographical data, place names, etc. Dictionaries, chronology converters are included. These functions also pop up whenever you select a character in the main text.

To access the database you have to click on 登录 and choose IP登录 to be recognized as a Princeton user.

Downloading is not possible. Copying (with a maximum of 200 characters at a time) is, but only after prior registration and by using the pop-up copy function, not the usual browser function.

For simple reading and searching, no individual registration is needed, but it is if you wish to copy text, make notes, submit corrections, save searches, etc.

The original printed text is available for comparison; please click the orange page numbers that are displayed in the running text.

The title index of Quan Song Wen is available here: http://publish.ancientbooks.cn/docShuju/platformViewArticle.jspx?id=2360... (This direct link will only work on campus or when using VPN).

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