Trial to Bungei Shunju Archives of JapanKnowledge Books

Princeton users now have trial access to “Bungei Shunju Archives” until August, 31.


We are running a database trial of “Bungei Shunju Archives” which is one of JapanKnowledge’s JK Books series. “Bungei Shunju” is a comprehensive monthly magazine that was first published by Kikuchi Kan in January 1923.  “Bungei Shunju Archives” contains 21,370 items, including essays, articles on the current affairs, and ‘Zadabkai’ from January 1, 1923 to December 1, 1950. The database is searchable by headlines, authors’ names, dates, and keywords.


Trial period: August 1 to 31

URL of the database:

Please send your feedback to Setsuko Noguchi ( .


Since this is only a trial and the database is not yet registered on the proxy server, please use VPN (eduroam alone is not sufficient) or another method to establish yourself as a Princeton user first. PCs connected to the university network will have access automatically.



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