Three new English-language Databases on Modern China

August 8. Princeton users have now access to three new English-language resources on modern China. They are:


Hong Kong, Britain and China 1841–1951 (China and the Modern World 4)

A collection of documents from the British Colonial Office on colonial Hong Kong, providing detailed information on the political, military, social, economic, and external development of Hong Kong in the context of modern China, the British Empire in Asia, and the international politics of East Asia.

Textual Analysis Tools allow for the identification and visualization of patterns, trends, and relationships, while the applied HTR (Handwritten Text Recognition) allows handwritten documents to be full-text searchable.


North China Daily News

Published as the Daily Edition of the weekly North China Herald from 1864 to 1950 with a wartime break 1941-45, the North-China Daily News (in Chinese: Zilin Xibao 字林西報), was the most influential foreign daily in East Asia, and is the key source for the history of Western interests in China and the transnational history of East Asia. This collection offers most of the Daily edition from 1869-1949. Included are also significant runs of The North-China Sunday News Magazine, the Sunday Magazine Supplements and Special Supplements, the weekly Municipal Gazette, (organ of the Shanghai Municipal Council from 1908-1940), and a selection of rare books from the imprint of the North-China Daily News and its parent, the North-China Herald. The contents have been OCR’d mechanically (very useful though not perfect.) Also useful for more ephemeral material: advertisements, announcements, wanted notices, woman’s pages. Color is available where relevant, such as in the Sunday Magazine and Special Supplements. Much of the material is not available in its parent weekly, the North-China Herald otherwise available.

North China Standard

The North-China Standard (in Chinese, Huabei zheng bao 華北正報) presented Japan’s case for expansion in Asia from 1919 onwards. Despite its character as a ‘propaganda rag,’ at times it was a more serious newspaper engaged with the polemic debate about Japan’s role.  Today it constitutes a valuable source exemplifying the ‘scramble for China’ in the 1920s.It was influential also through its distribution at international conferences. The database contains issues from 1919-1927.


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