Trial access to Jinshi Examination Database

December 12, 2019.

Princeton users now have trial access to the Jinshi Examination Database《历代进士登科数据库》until February 3, 2020.

The database is constructed by Zhonghua Shuju and compiled by Professor Gong Yanming from Zhejiang University. It aims to record information on all Jinshi degree holders throughout Chinese history and to provide information about their regional and ancestral origin. Currently the database includes information on 102,000 Jinshi degree holders. It provides a number of different search possibilities such as search by regional origin, dynasty, year of degree, last name, etc. Accurate and fuzzy searches are possible. Each entry aims to list historical sources for the recorded information. A number of options for statistical analysis are also provided (for details please see the help page:

The database can be accessed at:

Since this is only a trial and the databases are not yet registered on the proxy server, please use VPN (eduroam alone is not sufficient) or another method to establish yourself as a Princeton user first. PCs connected to the university network will have access automatically.

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