Trial of the Chinese Calligraphy Database 中华书法数据库

Princeton, April 8:

Starting from today Princeton users have trial access to the Chinese Calligraphy Database 中华书法数据库 until June 30.

The database provides access to more than 30,000 pieces of calligraphy ranging from bronze and oracle bone inscriptions to modern calligraphy of the Minguo period.
All of the pieces have been scanned and transcribed. The transcriptions are full-text searchable.
To view the whole content of the database, please click on the search icon leaving the search box empty.

The database operates copy protection. Copying of text is only possible via a pop-up that will show when a section of text is marked. Images from the database cannot be downloaded.

The database works well with the Chrome browser, but has problems with Firefox.

To use the database, readers have to sign with a user account. Please choose 登录 on the upper left and then switch to 邮箱登录 on the following page (right under the large 登录 button).

There are two choices:

1) Using a generic Princeton account with the following details

Password: 123123

2) Registering a personal account (which would be the same as for other databases by Zhoghua shuju like the Zhonghua jingdian gujiku and the tomb inscription databases)


The trial is available on the University network. In order to have access, please first connect via Secure Remote Access (SRA/VPN) before opening the link.


Any comments on this trial are welcome to be sent to Kimberly Wishart kwishart@Princeton.EDU.



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